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Friday, June 03, 2005

Tarot Cards and Horoscopes, Oh My!

My own deck is woefully out of reach and my mind is spinning with "should I?" tarot, of course!

A simple 3 card past, present, future draw while focusing on the question..."Is making this career change best for me?"

In the past position:

The Star - Reversed

A card in the left position indicates what has happened to affect your question in the past.

When the Star card appears reversed in your spread, it is telling you that you are being stubborn, that you have settled into a rigid and inflexible way of thinking that makes you unwilling or incapable of adapting to changing circumstances.
True, true, true...I was burned on a job opportunity once before and it was financially devastating. Since then, I've been so incredibly wary and have let several incredible opportunities slip away.

In the Present Position:

King of Discs - Reversed

A card in the middle position indicates what is affecting your question at this time.

Beware of falling under the influence of a tyrannical person who believes that his way is the only way. His heavy-handed methods mask the innate weakness of his character.
Yes, that pretty much describes my present situation.

The Future:

Knight of Wands

A card in the right position indicates your questions future.

The Knight of Wands loves a challenge and is virtually fearless, thriving on the stimulation of danger and risk. The Knight is a warm, generous, loveable character who makes a wise and loyal friend, though his temper is quick to flare up if he thinks anyone is abusing his generosity.
Kind of sounds like "go for it!", doesn't it???

But by far...the best was my horoscope on

As someone in Wonderland said to Alice, it's best to try to believe at least three impossible things before breakfast. The funny thing is once you let yourself believe them, they don't seem all that impossible to begin with. The first step is to let yourself believe that such benevolence is in store for you. So go ahead -- what are three wonderful, lovely and no-way-that-could-happen-to-me things that you want in your life?

Don't wait for life to happen to you. Make the life you want happen. Joseph Campbell called it following your bliss. Goethe said that once a definitive commitment was made, mighty forces would come to aid you. So what are you waiting for? There's a whole life out there waiting for you -- the life that you've always wanted. All you have to do is make that first, definitive movement toward it. Isn't life too short to waste?

So...I have two indications of "go for it!" and one scary, dead black non-flying dove dream making me afraid...The thing is, I'm the primary person responsible for supporting my family. A mistake could be awful. And my health insurance is critical at the moment...

I'm going to do some serious mediation tonight and find my answer.

But, I have this feeling I already know what it is...don't you?

Of course you do.

You want me to jump.

(I want to too...)

I'm going to jump...

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