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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Evil Lurks Here...

You can feel the misery in the walls, the carpet, the floors. Every person you pass has this look on their face that is either ripe with frustration, confusion, exhaustion or just plain misery.

My office is just not a happy place.

There are whispers. A lot of people are miserable and many are planning an exodus. Some incredibly valued key people are already whispering their goodbyes and the top producing folks that they support are swearing they wouldn't stay without them. And the reasons are all similar.

I like my boss quite a bit, but she's not a very social person. Occasionally she tries, but it takes you by such surprise that you can't help but feel the awkwardness of it. Eventually she either gets tired or frustrated and reverts to a recluse who occasionally emerges from her office to surprise you with a critical remark when you least expect it.

I like my supervisor too. But she's a very young girl with a very big job title and if you don't fit into her image of "nice & normal" she can be difficult.

I love my loan officers. Most of them are with me by see, I'm nice to them. The office standard is to treat them like they are stupid, bothersome assholes...which is a bit odd considering they are the ones who bring every single dime into that office.

I like my HR person. She hates people as a rule and doesn't speak to any but a small select few. And god forbid you cross her path, she can be the most vicious person you have ever faced. People actually visibly tremble when they have to speak to her. Her nickname is "The Impaler". There is a large plastic sword taped to her office door. And this is Human Resources...

No, there is a lack of happiness in this place.

I am dreading my review tomorrow. Absolutely dreading it. I will either have to lie through my teeth and fake the whole thing or I will snap and tell them all of the things that are wrong with the company just before they ask me to pack.

In truth, I've been a good employee. I'm extremely underpaid and would need a raise of at least $10,000 base salary to even be paid average. I'm fairly sure that won't happen, so I admit that I am watching, waiting, hoping for opportunities or change.

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