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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Taking a moment to remember the men and women who have served the United States of America with pride and affection...

Did you enjoy your Monday holiday?

Our traditional plans for a gathering with dear friends fell through amid some terse words. Said friends were missing in action despite repeated calls to them until nearly 1 pm and then responded with somewhat bitchy tone. We decided we could make a day of it on our own and left said friends to themselves.

Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen took my mind off the food I had purchased in preparation of the day. After, we did some shopping and get lost in the local bookstore for a few hours.

Relaxing, after all!

The little boy kitten has been adopted! By our neighbor, an elderly man seeking a companion. I am ashamed to admit we pushed the boy at him and we deliberately withheld the female. We're only human, we fell in love. If we can somehow make our gi-normous cat Sasha accept the newcomer, we've ended up with yet ANOTHER pet. *sigh*

Sasha is resisting. The only thing scarer than a VERY angry cat is a VERY angry cat the size of Sasha. She must weigh 30 lbs.

With the plans of the day disrupted and such, it takes an effort to focus on the reason for the day. Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful to those who have and who continue to serve in the military for our country.

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