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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Love in This House...

With the events transpiring in the life of our landlady and her two grown daughters, it gives me pause to reflect on our own family.

Tonight, we heard the details of the two daughters childhood...filled with alcoholism, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse - and I felt an intense urge to hug my family close.

There is no way of restoring those moments in these women's lives. No undoing, no do-over, no erasing.

We struggle with money. Beyond that, our biggest problem is that our house is always on the messy side.

Our house has never lacked for love.

Even with the events of last year, it wasn't about a lack of love. It was confusion, passive-aggressiveness, acting out...but not a lack of love. EH, SG and I love each other deeply. We care. We put each other first.

For all my bitching, you'll never hear me complain about a lack of love.

Sure, I get frustrated being married to the stereo-typical starving writer who can't manage a real job with a good income. Sure, I get annoyed with a seriously sub-standard sex life (in May we did it twice!). Sure, I get irritated by a lack of money. But I see these things as trade-offs.

Look at what I do have...

A husband who still looks into my eyes and caresses my cheek softly in the middle of a grocery store without a word.

A man who grows, tends and cuts fresh roses for me every day.

A man who helps out 50/50 and sometimes more with household and parenting.

A man who is gentle, kind, loving and puts me first.

A man who had never touched me or spoken to me with anything but love.

A daughter who is a perfect student and perfect daughter - never misbehaving or acting out.

Pets that are playful, loving and gentle.

This family is a good place to be.

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