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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hey, guys?

And by guys, I mean "men", "boys", "gentlemen" even...

Would you do me a favor? Would you speak up about what you find to be sexy on a woman in terms of physique? So that the fuckwits of the world will stop driving women to death to please you? Hollywood, you listening? Modeling industry, you too?


Women are killing themselves to be 'thin enough' because they think you find it sexy. Other women can't criticize it without being accused of "jealousy". And the trends that once inspired hordes of bulimic and annorexic chicks to diet to death are coming back into fashion.

Would you speak up, please?

Are sharp angles and bones really prettier to you than soft curves? Do you like the knobby look of sternum bones protruding where sexy cleavage should be? Are elbows that look like they could pierce you with their pointiness really a turn-on?

Do you prefer chests like that of a 12 year old boy?

Lindsay Lohan was a vibrant, voluptuous red head not so long ago. Today she is a bleached blonde skeleton and making magazine covers.

Speak up.

This isn't some fit of jealousy. I'm not a skinny girl and never wanted to be. I've been curvy since puberty. I've been slimmer than I am now, but never bony. Is bony really sexy to you?

Is there something wrong with soft, womanly flesh that cushions your touch? With full breasts or a rounded ass? Is there something to be ashamed of if you can't see every rib?

Is this what you like?

teri polo victoria veryhot evaherzigova

None of these are "naturally thin" women. Every woman above has deliberately sculped her body in this fashion through an excruciating combination of diet and exercise. And every time they show up like this in a magazine, on TV, in a movie...another young woman or girl thinks she has to try to look this way.

Guys...? Be vocal. There wouldn't be pressure on women to always get thinner, thinner, thinner if someone didn't believe it was what sold as sexy.

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