The Odd Wife

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Randomness for the Weekend

--> Because I love a good hoax...uppity museum workers get theirs.

--> I was right, there is a curse. The second straight person to voice Fred Flinstone has met his end! They should hawk Fruity Pebbles in semaphore if they really cared.

--> Just like a cigarette tax for health projects suggests that you have to smoke, if I'm reading this story correctly it means we have to binge drink in order to wipe out a scourge.

--> It says plenty about the quality of things at Cannes if they decided that this actor was the best of the Festival.

--> Lastly, because I love trashing America's Paris-ite: First an interview where she tries to profess that she has no idea what a blog is, and then in the same sentence opines about people who gossip on blogs. Next, because I'm a gossipy blogger, there's this story: Recently Paris was dining with Pamela Anderson, if you can imagine. (they could combine into some form of an intellect vacuum. A Peroxide Hole, maybe?) Before they could order the air-head heiress threw a snit, and a menu, because she was stressed at having to read. This seems so perfect that it has to be complete hokum, but if I can link to a source I sure as hell will do it.

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