The Odd Wife

Thursday, May 19, 2005

It Just Wasn't My Day...

Today just wasn't my day.

First, I didn't get to roll over (in the clover). I actually had to get my ass out of bed, out the door and to work.

I've decided tomorrow is going to be my day. In fact, I'm calling the entire weekend. Dibs!

I didn't mention the outcome of the Doctor visit, did I? There wasn't one. A traffic nightmare diverted us and that was that. I think it was a 'sign'. This doctor hasn't been all that wonderful... In the spirit of The Apprentice season finale, let me say to my primary care physician, "You're Fired!"

And Doc Wald...? Thanks. I mean it.

Bloggers! Did I leave a sweet comment for you today? Vicodin makes me really affectionate. I still meant the comments. If I didn't comment, I just didn't get to you yet...

Expect good things from me this weekend. I plan to make it wonderful!

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