The Odd Wife

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The SG Project

In a desperate effort to curb the amount of television SG watches per day, we encouraged her towards some other interests.

She does like to read, but her interest wanes as the magical moving picture box in the corner of a room beckons to her.

Today, we bought her some craft supplies and all the tools for a garden. She's making one small corner of the earth a prettier place. She bought one of every imaginable flowering plant under $1 and is currently working with EH to arrange and plant her explosion of colorful blooms by the front door. EH enjoys gardening too, so the two of them are pleased as punch with themselves.

I'm in a quiet place today...all the anger having been released. I find myself feeling peaceful and watchful. Health is still an issue. My blood pressure is incredibly low right now causing new worries. My diastolic number is 51 and I keep getting close to fainting. I found that even the bit of shopping we did today began to take a toll on me.

Home now. Cozy. Spaghetti simmering on the stove. The last bits of daylight slowly sinking as EH and SG plant the flowers. It's exactly where I want to be right now. Cozy. Comfortable. Simple. I wish I could stay in this place forever, but I know Monday lurks...

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