The Odd Wife

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's Vertigo

So that's why I feel so rotten! Vertigo! And, hey - it doesn't help that I threw my back out yesterday! Geeez, did I piss off the gods, or what???

I didn't make it to work today - having not slept a wink. EH didn't have the heart to send me. He called my supervisor, who was so sweet and caring yesterday and today gave him a bit of a bitchy tone. I really need to get back, but how - when I can't sit in a chair and the room spins and dips around me? Should be interesting...

And, that's all I can manage for now. I need a bit more horizontal time. Tonight is something to look forward to, though - the season finale of Veronica Mars. I have loved that show this year. The writing style reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the dialogue. If you were a Buffy fan, you'd enjoy Veronica.

Off to pout, sulk and rest.

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