The Odd Wife

Friday, May 06, 2005

Five Measures of Ivory Extract

We have made it home and TOW is currently ensconced--and unconscious--on the front sofa. Her face is so packed with cotton that she resembles a squirrel hoarding for a winter frost. It is tough to detail her condition right now as she's still hopped up on anesthetics. We pulled up to the home and I had to heft her from the car and pour her into the sofa. We'll get her up to bed later

Considering that they hauled out five teeth the procedure went surprisingly fast. Once she went in I sat for 30 minutes before darting across the street to one of those out-of-town news stands that is packed to the rafters with periodicals. After 15 minutes I returned with an obscure movie mag and 2 local tabloid papers for the long stretch of waiting and the staff was already looking for me to go in back and claim her. She has survived, and now the weekend of tending to her shall commence.

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