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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Scenes from an ordinary day

Just some random (very random) scenes from my day...

The morning commute just plain sucks. Traffic is a bitch. It's about 40 minutes to my office. The only bright spot is that I carpool with EH, so we use the speed lane and get to spend some time together. Even if it's quiet, waking up time...

This is the view of my morning commute. This morning, to be specific.


This is the sticker on the rear bumper of my car. I love pin-up art, especially Betty Paige style images.


Scenes from my cube at my office. My bosses think it looks like "prom", but they love that I express myself in unusual ways.

The two small rose bushes at top were gifts from EH. When they bloom, I love seeing fresh roses on my desk. The neon pink glitter cowgirl hat was a Dollar Store score. The postcards at the top are scenes from the movie Office Space which reminds me to not take it all so seriously. The red doiley hearts were put up for Valentine's Day and I later refused to take them down, insisting that "I heart my job" which never fails to make someone groan. The two paintings were done by me one day. I love to paint. I suck at it, but it relaxes me...


Yes, that's a red feather boa around my cork board. Every now and then I wear it to lunch and insist that it's a formal lunch. It's even funnier when my co-workers see me do it and don't comment. They've come to expect me to be a bit odd. The pink marabou feather trimmed thin on top of the filing cabinet is an adorable 'purse lamp' that lights up. The flip book on the very top ledge was a present from EH and has dozens of funny sayings with 50's style female art. This particular day it says "I used to care, but now I take a pill for that" which I thought suited my Vicodin mood lately.


Close ups of my "art"

100_0380 100_0381

The shelfs behind me are a mish-mosh of items I like to play with. Silver plastic martini glasses, assorted candles, a vase of dried flowers from my best friend, a photo of EH and I, a tiny witch figurine, an "I LOVE YOU" mug, a feathered sequined mardi-gras mask, a love-potion #9 picture frame, a fake plant, a clay voodoo doll I made at the last company meeting (insisting to everyone it was a co-worker), a small fan (my window makes it hot), Two bottles of merlot from a company I used (I keep them at work just in case a day gets really crazy and I have to resort to drinking), a fairy figurine, a small stuffed black cat for my witchy days, The Bad Girls Handbook to Getting Everything they Want, a giant blowfish picture my friends hung up that they wrote "I'm a princess! Isn't my tiara pretty?" on (I don't get it, I just keep it up because I love them), and an empty pink picture frame. (Random trivia: I actually have about 8 assorted picture frames in funky shapes, sizes and colors that are all empty of pictures. I think it's funny because people wonder why they're empty. The truth is, I'm just too lazy to put pictures in them).

The entrance to my cube...

Dried roses, a house picture calendar, more red heart doileys, a keychain sized Ouija board (I like to tell people I'm consulting the spirit guides on their files to freak them out), a pink dress notepad under which I hung a Sax 5th Avenue sales add to make 'legs' and a silver pipecleaner shaped into a heart from SG.


My clutter...


Someone who is always really happy to see us when we get home...


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