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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Weekend Endured

From Friday morning we have been operating in our own little emotional dervish but the good thing is that here we are, on the backside of the weekend, and we have endured. First we had to dance around town in order to get a professional to look at her dentition. (Only the best for TOW, no amateur oral surgeons for her!) Then we had to go through the various attitudes that ebb and flow with the application of pain killers.

Over all she did really well, I was impressed. Occasionally she would approach with a very heartfelt compliment to me, looking deeply into my eyes.

"Vicodin just kick in?"
"eYup!" she'd say enthusiastically.

Saturday was no picnic, as to be expected, but it went well. None of the "Knots Landing"-type drama her family is prone to exhibiting, which was a good thing. (Wait until the settling of the estate.) The last funeral we attended had the wake in the home of the deceased, and after a lengthy party there was one point when everyone, on cue, started going through and claiming items in the house. I stood in the bar in stunned amazement, and then they went for the bar items. I barely got out with some bottles and a martini glass.

Last night was tough for The Odd One. She was to bed early but then was up near midnight, sick from the meds or the infection. It kills me when she gets sick and there is little I can do. We have our sickness dance that we do in this house. She feels rotten, wants my attention to fix her, I ask her if she has done some basic remedies, she pouts at my berating her, and then I tend to her needs until she is resting.
The opposite is true when I'm sick, largely because being sick only pisses me off and I don't care for coddling. TOW hates when I don't let her dote. Really all I need is some aspirins, Vitamin-C, yogurt for the immune system, and a shot of rum or two for the pain. But she gets all, "Let me take care of you," and the like. Then our daughter becomes the queen of empathy, and later the dog begins to miss me and discovers for once he has the edge in our wrestling battle.

Next weekend will really be tough for the Woman of Red. Surgery on Friday as a prelude to Mother's day weekend. The cool part is that I actually enjoy taking care of her, and when she is weak, and drugged, she for once has to actually listen to me. Tending to her is one of those little rewards nobody else can really appreciate.

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