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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Vicodin Ramblings

Just as promised, the pain has come.

I am suddenly a regular Vicodin pill popping gal. I think it's very chic. I'm writing now as the Vicodin slowly kicks in, so if this post makes zero sense or is just stupid, I have an excuse.

Vicodin has a lovely effect on me. It relaxes me to a place where I am calm, happy and appreciative. I frequently begin to explain my deep love for EH to him under the influence. Trying to work on it this week should be a picnic...

It made the after-reception of the funeral more peaceful to me. Even with the super bitchy people in attendance. I almost found it easier to overlook my mother being 1 hour late to her father's funeral while the aunts watched me like I was the guilty one. The funeral itself was hard and there were tears. Watching the coffin be lowered was hard. Seeing my grandfather was hard. He looked like a mannequin. I almost questioned if it was him until I saw his hands. I knew those hands. He had the Sunday comics tucked in one arm. Remember I told you he taught me to read from them? He was buried with them, courtesy of aunt #1.

The food was un-fucking-believable. If you are in South Florida and need a caterer - I have found the treasure. I swear on all that is holy, this was the best meal of my life.

It was as awkward as I suspected. My family is comprised of freaks. It was fun towards the end when I finally allowed myself a pain pill to ease the pain and became much more open. I told my aunt and uncle about losing a baby in August. They had no idea. That's how close we all are.

I can tell the pain pills have kicked in since I just spent the past several minutes sitting on my doorstep admiring my hand. It's smooth, unlined with short manicured (FAKE!) nails. It's good considering my feet are ugly as hell (even if EH thinks they're cute.)

And here's some fun with photos - Vicodin style.

100_0308 100_0309

See? Pretty hands, Fred Flinstone feet...

And here's a couple gems for you...

100_0302 100_0301

These are the 3 sisters. The woman on the far right in the black dress? That's my mom. She's 50. Not bad, eh?

Here she is with SG. Grandmother and granddaughter.


Kinda makes 50 look good, huh?

I have decided I like my hair. I wore it blown straight today. It's getting long. Yes, it's red. Very red. Probably hard to tell in this photo, but in the daylight it looks like my head is on fire.


EH and SG. My husband is so damn good looking. SG's too cute for words.



The view to my left when I sit on the doorstep:


and the view to my right:


And now I had better go to bed before the clothes come off and I photograph left and right breast.

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