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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Your Little Darling Need a Serious Spanking, Inga! I ever going to be unpopular with this post.

My 9 year old rarely gets in trouble. EH and I are both very loving, cuddly and playful with her - but we are also extremely strict. Our daughter is not permitted to be disrespectful or to not follow directions. We expect her to behave. We expect please and thank you. She is welcome to disagree or challenge an order she dissagrees with (and she will sometimes win) as long as it is done calmly and respectfully. On the same token, she has been taught that she should NOT follow any directions from strangers. Only her parents, teachers, family and professional figures of authority. But, she is to remain respectful.

Not to brag too much, but we have no behavior problems with our sweet girl and we are constantly complimented on her demeanor. She's a pleasure to be around.

Frankly, I am apalled at the lack of parenting I see around me. I've seen co-workers bring children into our office and ignore them while they run around, screaming and throwing paper all over like tiny tasmanian devils. I've seen my best friends son rudely interrupt her and speak to her in a condescending tone in front of other adults and she responds by allowing him - and even encouraging - this behavior.

And, I've just seen the now infamous video of the 5 year old girl who was handcuffed at school. If you haven't viewed this gem or read the story, you can get it here.

I'd heard the video and knew it was controversial. The mom already had a lawyer on the case (and fired him once she became a "celebrity") and has already launched a major campaign to earn a living on this incident.

I watched both videos and have my own opinion. Inga Akins (mom), your child is a brat who clearly lacks any discipline or self control and rather than earning money from A Current Affair by selling the video, you should be ashamed of yourself and seeking counseling for yourself as a parent and your violent offspring.

And...your kid deserved the cuffs.

There was ONE and only ONE mistake I saw in the video. The officers cuffed her during the 3 minutes this child finally sat calmly down. They should have waited 5 minutes for her to launch into another freakish violent temper tantrum and then hogtied your the angel and thrown her into the squad car until it suited "mom" to get her ass down to the school. (Note: Mom had been called twice and even told that the police would be called and she said she couldn't get free from work. NEWSFLASH, Inga, when your child is in serious trouble - you GO TO THEM.

The child ripped things off walls, threw things, destroyed other children's art, the teacher's belongings and several times she tried to hit the assistant principal and the teacher who were trying to calm her. She balled her fists and even climbed on a table to try to punch the assistant principal in the face. The teachers had to move the entire class out of the room and disrupt the lesson for their own safety.

A victim of police brutality??? No. The only thing this child is a victim of is piss-poor parenting from a mom who couldn't be fucking bothered to leave work to come to her child's school during a seriously violent and destructive fit that required police intervention...(the same mom who suddenly has plenty of time to take off work to travel to be on TV shows and file lawsuits and sell the video of her brat behaving like a pint-sized criminal).

Parenting is a full time job, folks. The video shows a child who has no respect for authority, no self control and violent tendencies resulting from - lack of parenting.

I think the real travesty here is the fact that Ms. Akins is profitting from the event. Her child wasn't harmed - she was RESTRAINED. And she damn well needed to be!

I know the bleeding hearts are just going to have a field day with this...

I love children. If this video had depicted a different scene, I might have been outraged too. But 3 minutes into the 28 minute video and I wanted to spank that brat myself.

Give me a break.

And it get's worse. Now Reverend Al Sharpton has gotten involved and they are calling this racially motivated. What??? If so, then when the little black girl punched her white assistant principal - was that a hate crime???

Reading this article pissed me off even more. A quote from this article: Former educators in attendance suggested that the unruly child could have been given a toy or something else to distract her or given another activity to work on.

Are you fucking kidding me? The little wretch destroys a classroom, violently lashes out at her teacher and assistant principal and they think she should have been given A TOY????

In the video, the AP is constantly speaking calmly and almost pleadingly to the girl. "You need to sit down please. You may not act this way.", etc. I would have used the special "mommy" voice that stops my child in her tracks.

Listen, if I had been in this AP's situation - it would have gone mighty differently.

First, I would have raised my voice to it's loudest and meanest shout and given the child a direct and LOUD command to "SIT DOWN IN THAT CHAIR RIGHT NOW AND DO NOT MOVE!" Sometimes, when normal tones aren't working - you need to get their attention and startle them.

Second, when Mom was called - I would have told her in no uncertain terms that her daughter was having a violent and destructive outburst and that unless Mom or an authorized relative arrived in the next 30 minutes to get this child, I was calling the police in to restrain her. No if's, and's or buts.

People are acting like this is such an "outrage" and it disgusts me. Why? Because she was 5? What if she had been 15? Then, in post-Columbine America, it would have been allowable? If she was white this would have been okay?


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