The Odd Wife

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Let the Madness Begin...

As quickly as one week ends, an insane week is beginning.

I'm about to turn in to bed early. I'll have to wake up and get myself to the local summer camp office at 3 am to enroll my daughter in their summer program. In my urban area, getting a child into summer camp is something like finding affordable housing in Manhattan. Last year, I missed out entirely, but a friend who arrived at 4 am was the last person signed up. Enrollment begins at 8 am and since I have to go straight to work, I need to be among the first to enroll. After, I'll head off for a grueling long day followed by a work event I am obligated to attend.

I plan to be grouchy tomorrow.

The first rumbles of bickering over my grandfather's estate has begun. He left 3 daughters, including my mother and one is already threatening to sue the other. The funeral should be fabulous, don't you think?

Pity me...

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