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Monday, April 18, 2005

Random Thoughts on a Monday

I liked having a day off today. After countless hours and stress at the office, it felt wonderful to take a day off to just be still.

I did a favor for a friend today. And got one in return.

Someone who drove me insane at work was fired today.

The backs of my knees are sunburned a bit. I spent the late afternoon lying on the sand of Fort Lauderdale beach on my straw mat pouring through the new James Patterson novel.

I finished the novel in 3 hours.

I have 3 new throw pillows for my couch. This may seem really unimportant, but they perfectly match the blue rug that was previously out of place and tie the color in throughout the room.

I indulged in a Coca-Cola slurpee today…my favorite.

My home phone line was installed today. Once my modem arrives (this week) I will have DSL in my home again. I had previously turned it off after EH’s misdeeds online. I am nervous about having it again.

My mother called twice over the weekend. I didn’t answer or call her back. Prior to her calls, something EH and I saw on TV sparked a thought as I recognized my childhood in a drama we watched and it was not a good one.

Some random memories from my childhood…living alone with my very young mother in a tiny apartment with no electricity and eating cold cereal for breakfast, my mother being attacked in front of me by a woman and me (at age 4) not understanding why and trying to care for her scratches, my mother and I in her tiny car in a parking lot and a woman hurling herself onto the car and pummeling the glass with her fists screaming at us (my mother was having an affair with her husband), a man calling my home and telling my mother she would no longer have a daughter if she didn’t stop seeing my (future) step-dad, a kidnapping attempt when I was 12 by a man who later raped, murdered and beheaded another local girl, my father’s arrest for drug trafficking when I was 13, the big money in my household during the 80’s and my mother telling me quality was better than quantity as she encouraged me to designer labels and cosmetics, my stepfather’s quiet and subdued alcoholism.

There are 9 candles lit and flickering in my living room. I love candles.

I always wondered about the sort of person who sat at the patio tables of a Starbucks on a Monday morning at 10:30 am. Today I was one of them.

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