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Friday, April 08, 2005

"Check Out The Jugs On My Little Princess!"

Yes, my appearance on the blog has been less than sporadic. I've been in writing mode lately which means I have been mentally preoccupied. I get that way during writing bursts. Unlike some writers who get blocked and stare at a blank screen once my fingers are engaged the head swells with ideas and I get consumed.

So, about that title...
At work I have the radio going all day and on one show this week the subject of teenage sexuality came up and how much our country continues to sexualize our children at younger and younger ages. During the discourse I was amazed to hear some information regarding not how teens are consumed by sexuality but how adults--specifically their parents--are becoming the source of this mentality. The host mentioned that there is a trend in this country to reinvigorate the practice of celebrating the old "Sweet Sixteen" party for girls. In and of itself, not so bad.

What has me stunned however was this nugget: There are parents who, as a gift to their little darlings, are bringing their daughters to a plastic surgeon to give them enhancements as a birthday gift. I stared at the radio in disbelief. The Odd One and I are no prudes, but I was convinced that this was something taking place in isolated enclaves. Nope. My boss was nearby and I pointed at the radio and told him what I just heard. He placidly informed me that in his upperclass township this is a practice that has been taking place for quite some time. Then his son told me that when he was in school there were always girls who would be out of school for a week and then would return with a brand new balcony to show off to their classmates.

As a father of a nine year old I am stunned. We always talk with apprehension of the day our gal starts dating and how I'll be greeting her dates at the door like Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom", chainsaw a-blazin. I cannot conceive a dad signing off on having his little girl proportioned like a Hooter's waitress. It used to be fathers would be proud of their sons on the football field, now they are bragging because their daughter nailed the quarterback??? What am I missing?

There is a radio spot out right now for the new Hummer that I identify with completely. A date shows up at the house and while he waits for the girl her father takes him in the garage to show off the truck, pointing out all the features, how it can traverse any terrain, and how large the bed is. He then informs the youth that there is more than enough room to fit his body in the back as the dad drives to any place he chooses. "Now what time will my daughter be home?" is the closing line. More succinct is my favorite line from the film "Clueless". As Cher is about to leave with her date her dad says curtly, "I have a gun, and a shovel. I doubt seriously anyone would miss you."

We plan on arming our daughter with things to help her navigate the psycho-sexual minefield: little things like self-esteem, knowledge, priorities, higher goals, and the like. How some parents are instead preparing their girls with the tools to acheive a cameo on a "Girls Gone Wild" video escapes me.

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