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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Opportunity Knocks...

Opportunity knocked today...

Prior to my current job, I worked for my best friend's husband as his assistant for a national software company that services the mortgage industry. I loved my job and was loved by all levels of management. When they restructured, they tried to create positions to keep me on, even offering to relocate me to California - but it never quite worked out.

Today, an interesting email came my way. A new company is building offices across my state and a northern COLD state and is interested in hiring me as a full time trainer to travel to each center and train the staff. He would relocate me to an area very near where EH and I were hoping to move soon AND my salary would likely triple...

And I'd work from home again.


I responded to the businessman who reached me care of former bosses and we began a dialogue. My initial response seems to have really excited him and I'm intrigued! Building businesses from the ground up is a specialty of mine...I've done it 4 times and each one has been successful...(unfortunately I built other people's businesses and underpriced the hell out of myself).

It will be interesting to see where this leads.

Rocky homefront with EH and I...too much work, stress and lack of time to be intimate is taking a toll. It'll be interesting to see where THAT leads too...

Send me some positive vibes, darlings - will you???


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