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Thursday, March 31, 2005

This Wasted Week

How on earth did it get to be Thursday? Monday through Wednesday are but a blur to me...

It looks like the weekend plans to do nothing may be at least partially scrapped or altered. S, my best friend's husband - and my dear friend by his own volition, turned 50 today with nary a balloon to mark the day. He was mighty depressed when I conversed with him in emails this morning and I worked fast to right the wrong. His wife, M, had held a family (us too) dinner for him last weekend with a cake and called it even - but then forgot to even wish him a happy day today. He was in a state. I managed to get him out to lunch with us for a bit of sushi and then talked her into a night out for him this weekend...with strings.

She hates going out alone with him because he likes to drink and dance and, basically party, and that's just not her style. She prefers to have EH and I along as buffers. So...we must go as well. And S seems to prefer it this way also. So, Saturday night I am now obligated to drink and dance as opposed to relax. I'm not sure if I am disappointed or looking forward to it.

With hectic schedules, minor stomach ailments and obligations, sex has become a distant memory to me. I'm not even going to tell you how long it has been because I will completely lose your respect as a sexual woman. All I can say, is that this needs to be addressed or both EH and I might go insane. Last night I had to turn him down because he waited until midnight to approach me after writing all night and I was already drifting to sleep in anticipation of a majorly hectic day. With any luck, he has learned his lesson and will jump my bones early tonight.

EH continues to submit writings in search of paid freelance work. He also came up with a screenplay idea which shocks me since he's always sworn to stay away from scripts (even though he took a course on script writing and his was selected as the best). Interesting if I can get him to write it...we have a lot of producer friends.

Speaking of movies, there are whispers that my movie will be released premier and final performance where i got to share a scene with Dyan Cannon and Michael Nouri, et al. I decided that my love for the film industry is solely for the production/pre-production sides and that being ON camera is NOT something I enjoy. Actors and actresses deserve every penny they get - that job seriously sucks.

I'm hoping to make it to the beach this weekend, but hesitant to go...there are thousands of sharks migrating and they keep closing beaches because of them. Sharks scare the hell out of me and I know EH would try to get close to them. I do want to get a bit of color though...hmm...

More than that, I need a little physical attention.

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