The Odd Wife

Thursday, March 24, 2005


My apologies for lackluster posting right now. My office is booming with business and I’m putting in 10-12 hour days and some weekends too.

I didn’t get to report on the fun we had last Saturday exploring MetroZoo and later our ghost hunt through an 80 year old stunning hotel that looks like the shining. It was a blast… I’ll try to tell that story another day soon!

We’re all working hard and feeling enormous pressure – but not without satisfaction as well. The company owners and co-workers are much like a small family who are incredibly supportive of one another. One note of immense pride: during this spring break week, my daughter has accompanied me to work each day (she didn’t like her school’s mini camp). At my office, you are always welcome to bring your child to work with you. My bosses have raved about what a terrific kid she is. She’s quiet, self-sufficient, respectful and helpful. When other kids run and shout and act up, they tolerate it – but I’ve received heaps of praise on what a special little girl we have.

…we’ve always thought so too!

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