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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A call for advice


Just when you think people have moved forward...

From time to time I do search engine vanity checks on my name and EH's name. If you don't regularly do these yourself, you need to start. Especially if you have children old enough to go online.

Today, at the very tippy top of the 20 or so items attached to my name in Google is an entry into the OTHER WOMAN's blog in which she posts my full name and then proceeds to post snippets that she says EH emailed to her about me. It was at the height of the battle between she and I and this was her way of trying to strike out at me.

Though I've had nothing nice to say about this woman, at no point did I post her full name or phone number, etc. And I do have access to this information. With as many ideas as I have entertained of how to hurt and humiliate this woman HALF as much as she (and EH) did me, I've never actually done them.

Suggestions? It wouldn't be at the top if it weren't being accessed. My daughter knows how to look things up on Google - does my 9 year old really have to be exposed to this nonsense again? My mother-in-law (EH's mother) has recently become computer literate - does she have to read the tales of her son?

I really don't want to fight anymore. I've moved on. But when it comes to protecting my family's privacy...can you really turn away from a threat to that?

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