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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Anything you can do I can do better...

People who are so entwined in your life, problems and issues that they project themselves onto you - and feel a need to try to be better than you - annoy me.

There's one of them in every person's life. If you mention a problem with your best friend they feel this need to launch into a story about how they had problems with their best friend but they handled it with grace and love and compassion and sunshine and blue birds and rainbows...and so much better than you did/could/would, thus they must be a better person than you are.


I resolve not to be that person. If you want to feel angry or bitter or sad, that's okay with me. Sometimes you need to go through those feelings. If you're happy, I'll be thrilled, but I promise not to think less of you when you don't "Mary-Fucking-Poppins" every situation.

If someone pisses you off and you want to extend your middle finger in their general direction instead of smiling brightly and waving at them while yelling "Have a terrific day!" - that's okay with me.

We have emotions for a reason. It's okay to feel them all...even the ugly ones. They're a part of you and they're valuable in their own ways. Letting yourself feel the "bad" emotions doesn't make you bad. It makes you opposed to a plastic type person.

And you are not required to handle every situation according to some Mary Sunshine code book. If your feelings get hurt and you want to sulk for a bit, or abandon the situation - you are entitled to your own feelings and choices. Tell that chirpy little blue bird who keeps trying to tell you to be the 'better person' to "piss off".

But do it nicely. Blue birds have a nasty habit of crapping on your head when you least expect it.

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