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Thursday, March 03, 2005

What's a 6-pack divided into 12-steps, children?

AKA, my winning news story.

So I'm not a Skynard fan, and would have prefered tix to the upcoming Social Distortion concert, but these are 2nd row, so what the hell.

There was talk this morning of the Marlins being courted by Las Vegas to move to the desert, and this story was a perfect segue.

Any man who works as a rep for Bombay Sapphire has a fan in me.

In Other Quirks...

Due to the anniversary we missed honoring Joan Rivers' 2nd favorite day, (after The Oscars), "Self-Injury Awreness Day". But you can still celebrate at home this week. Sit with the kids and discuss their anxieties while you watch an Episode of "Nip Tuck", or maybe you can rent "Saw". Soon there will be a greeting card for this holiday as well, one that delivers a nasty, but satisfying, paper cut.

We all got to watch the rich and priviledged receive their $30,000 gift baskets at the Oscars Sunday, but here is proof that they are just like you and myself. Everyone loves a credit card with a rewards program. Why else go to a sale where everything is 10% off and then charge it on a card with a 20% interest rate? Now there is one for those who are repeat botox customers. I swear. (Thanx to DEFAMER)

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