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Monday, February 28, 2005

It’s all in the Cards.

Do you believe in divination? Astrology? Palm Reading? Tarot?

I do. And that made Saturday night a ton of fun.

We gathered at a friend’s house just before 7 pm. The husband’s parent’s and his brother joined us and the wife’s brother was present too. We feasted on a huge pasta dinner and everyone was content and happy. Cocktails were served and after dinner, we all began to play.

I had been commanded to bring my tarot cards. I hadn’t read the cards in a year and was reluctant to start.

I’ve been drawn to things of this matter since I was very young. When I was 8 years old, I used to assign meanings to each card and suit in a deck of normal playing cards and try to tell the future for my friends. I had never even heard of tarot at that age, but just seemed to have a knack for the idea. When I first began experimenting with tarot, I was 19 years old and right away it was obvious I could do them well. I would bring them to work at the restaurant I waitressed at and read for my co-workers. I was always able to tell them things about their life that I had no way of knowing. There were numerous readings documented among us that proved to be eerily accurate. I predicted falling in love with EH and giving birth to SG long before I knew EH and to this day, at least one co-worker remembers that reading.

The husband’s mother, a sweet elderly woman, asked me to do her cards first and that nearly put me off for the night. Her reading was painful because it revealed that she was in the early stages of preparing for ‘the end’ and she confided that she had just been diagnosed with Alzheimers. She had tears on her face and I was filled with bittersweet feelings. It was clear that she had lived a good life and was content and peaceful. The only negative things in her life were her own fears. She’ll have an easy ride from here, with a terrific support network in place and a very loving husband by her side.

The other readings revealed that I had not lost my touch. Specific things came through for the wife’s brother that I just could not know about him and he was quick to agree that the cards were accurate for him.

The wife’s brother is into numerology and did all of our numbers. It was just as interesting and accurate for us. EH and I were revealed to be a great match and this year is supposed to be EH’s year. The wife’s brother was firm that EH needed to write this year…before he even knew EH was a writer.

My own numbers showed I had strong intuitions and some psychic tendencies.

SG’s numbers were the most intriguing. She was shown to possess a very strong psychic ability as well as intense humanitarianism and he predicted she would be an amazing success in life. He believes she will do well in politics and said she could easily be president someday. We often joke that she could be president, so this was amusing. I have always referred to SG as “a very old soul” and her numbers agreed. The wife’s brother explained that her particular combination of numbers actually use that same term “old soul” for her.

All in all, it was a good night spent among friends enjoying interesting conversation.

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