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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So, I was abducted by aliens last night...

11Okay, maybe not. Maybe it was just another quiet night at home.

It's that "time of the month" which annoys me because it interferes with my sex life. I know we could have sex anyway and EH isn't bothered by it in the least...but it's just so messy and awkward and I'd rather just wait it out. I make up for it by being very willing to provide EH with pleasures.

Last night, after a dose of two t.v. shows we enjoy - we retired to the bedroom where I stroked, caressed, licked and pleased. I love, love, love letting EH lie back while I dedicate my every breath and touch to making him feel wonderful. I suspect he loves it too!

I worry a lot now that our love is unbalanced. One-sided. I know that it's silly because he does so many things every day to show me how much he loves me...but somehow the damage from before stays with me. I wonder if that ever goes away? I have to believe it's a trust issue...I don't fully trust that he loves me as much as he says he does. I have no current reason to doubt him, but the heart remembers and there is still an ounce of fear.

After, lying in the dark with the glow from the television on us, we lay at the foot of the bed and watched VH-1's Tuesday 2 Play full of back-to-back videos from artists of the 70's, 80's and 90's. We cracked up over the Blue Oyster Cult's "Joan Crawford" video and cheered on Billy Idol. We laughed through two Styxx videos and sang along to The Killers (I love The Killers). It was silly and peaceful and fun.

Even if it was not nearly as exciting as an alien abduction.

In a disturbing talk with my best friend yesterday, it looks like she and her hubby are still trying to find answers to their marital strife. The biggest problem is that her hubby will say "Why can't you be more like Odd Wife?" and she responds "Why can't you be more like Even Husband?"

It's nice to be thought of well, but slightly weird. EH and I laughed thinking that they have no idea what they're asking for. I am a huge pain-in-the-ass 99.9% of every day. EH just has a lot of patience. A lot of patience. And he thinks I'm cute.

Last night, I was sitting on the couch when I suddenly screeched "Ouch!" and began nursing a bleeding finger.

EH was stumped. He was sitting right beside me and couldn't imagine what had happened to me. I tried to refuse telling him, saying "It'll just be one of those stories where you look at me like I'm nuts and laugh at me." He pressed me, so I finally came clean.

I was wearing my very favorite bra. A bra I nick-named the "Vavoooom" bra because it has superior push-up and never fails to result in supreme cleavage. One side has a small tear that lets the underwire poke out. This is a very sharp piece of metal. I was trying to push it back into place using the other side's underwire to help put pressure and it slipped. Small cut. Big, silly explanation.

A 3rd person just asked me if I'm feeling alright. They said I look pale. I better recheck my make-up. I'm tired and have been quieter than usual for the past few days - but I'm feeling fine. I think. Hmmm.

Damned aliens.

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