The Odd Wife

Friday, February 18, 2005

Yes, comments are off

...While the nasties of blogland deal with their personal issues. If I was supposed to be bothered, it failed. I have way too much to be happy about. It's as simple as turning off comments and hitting delete when their email address rolls in. And *poof* they no longer exist in my world!

Would-be-commenters are welcome to email instead. Snarkies will be promptly deleted without ever seeing the light of day. There will be no responses, replies, etc.

It's as simple as this...don't like me/my blog? Don't read. It's sad that someone who obviously read, recalled and retained every miniscule detail I've written over a long period of time would waste so much time trying to irritate me, insult me and my loved ones. What a sad, miserable waste of someone's time to dedicate all that energy to just being nasty for no apparent reason.

Comments may/may not be restored...we'll see. I don't really blog for anyone but myself and EH, so while generally appreciated, the comments feature isn't a necessity.

XOXOXO to the rest! My day's still golden!

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