The Odd Wife

Friday, February 11, 2005

My darling(s)...

To you, yes you. The passers-by, the silent observers, the non-commenting emailers, the commenters, the friends, the foes, the loyal and the fickle, the hurt, the wicked, the naughty and the nice...

I wish every last one of you a weekend of passion and love.

I wish you tender kisses in the cool air and moonlight.

I wish you soft finger caresses that rise goosebumps on your arms.

I wish you long, breathless looks that say so much more than words.

I wish you tight embraces.

I wish you fluttering tummies.

I wish you slow, soft licks in tender places.

I wish you sweat drenched bodies under the stars.

I wish you sweet release.

I wish you teasing, breathless afterglow and pillow talk punctuated with whispers and soft laughs.

...I wish you a wonderfully romantic, sexy and loving Valentine's Day weekend with the one who makes your heart beat quicken. Even you. And you.

The Odd Wife

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