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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Secrecy and a Craving...

redhipOn the drive into work this morning, unexpected detours and traffic made for a longer than usual car pool for EH and I. We sat, side by side, in our morning funks...him mainlining coffee through a 457 ounce mug and me chugging soda. The radio talk show we enjoy in the mornings featured a topic on spouses who "knew something about their spouses, that the spouses did not know that they knew".

(Yeah, I it a few times if you have to, it does make sense).

People were calling in with all manner of things. A husband who's wife was an exotic dancer - she claimed to be teaching night school and he spotted her at a club. He never told her he knew. A wife who knew her husband was adopted, although he didn't know himself. A man who knew his cousin's wife was a former prostitute "ala massage parlor girl"., etc.

One woman called in and said her fiance liked to masturbate while standing over her sleeping body. That one was a little...strange.

EH and I began to ponder this topic. We decided that neither of us knew anything about the other that the first person did not know we knew. (Whew...)

What is the point of the secrecy? EH is the one person I don't want to keep secrets from. Does it take anything away from the relationship to have this lurking secrecy?

On another note, I am craving a little fun...and not necessarily sex. I want to get my hands on my husband tonight and give him a little selfless pleasure. Let him lie back and relax while I do my very best by him...I keep thinking about how he feels in my hands, how his body moves when the pleasure runs through it, how he tastes, how he feels against the roof of my mouth...

Mmmm...there's no better feeling than having intense sexual desire for the man you just happen to be married to. And I certainly do not lack for that!

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