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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Confessions of a Quiet Mardi Gras

cigar001Okay, so I know I told you all to go home last night and engage in a little debauchery in the spirit of Mardi Gras, but I have a confession to make...

I didn't...

Once again I worked late...just not as late. We got home and I set about making dinner. EH had a hard day at work and was just plainly exhausted.

I insisted we forego the wild sex when I noticed how tired he looked. He protested mildly and I told him he was worth waiting for. The night was a quiet one after all. A nice meal, some good tv, wrestling with our daughter over green beans, loving exchanges and cuddling.

This weekend, we've decided we would like to go to the beach and renew our wedding vows privately for our own hearts. I had almost forgotten we were to do that and EH reminded me this morning. Something about the way he seems to be eager to do it makes my heart feel all warm.

SG is getting picked on at school. Typical kid's stuff, but she's sensitive. She refuses to stand up for herself because she doesn't want to be mean back to the kids. She says "I'm not the kind of girl. I'm a good girl." EH and I spent the entire ride home trying to teach her funny comebacks to use and she was amused, but still refuses...she did confess that she wants us to only think of her as a good girl and not the kind of kid who would talk back to anyone...which worries me. Perhaps we've been too strict with her... This is an 8 year old (soon to be 9) who never gets in trouble...I almost wish she'd cut up a little. How do you handle a child who is overly well behaved?

Despite the sexual sacrifices made last night, I still have a glow. Even a quiet night with EH doing absolutely nothing is just wonderful...

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