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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Speaking Chinese...

rdcgOn the way home together last night, EH and I opted for Chinese take-out, in honor of the Chinese New Year and to appease our Asian-infactuated daughter. SG "ooohed" and "aaaahed" over the decor in the front of the restaurant, as we knew she would...and then she surprised us.

When the woman (a Chinese woman) came to the counter to take our order, SG began to speak to her. In Chinese. And more shockingly, the woman understood and responded to her and they carried on a brief conversation.

So...when did my 8 year old learn to speak Chinese???

Apparently the discussion centered around the New Year and the two were exchanging pleasantries. We asked SG where she learned this and she replied "in a book". I asked "A book you read today?" and she shook her head and said she had read it last year, in second grade, while poking around the school media center.

In another direction, I took full advantage of EH last night. And it was fan-fucking-tastic! For him too, I think! I definitely got the impression that he saw fireworks and heard symphonies playing.

We discussed using birth control for a few months. Not something I want, however with our hopes of planning a relocation, getting pregnant right now would be difficult. I asked EH (jokingly) if he wanted to wear a condom and he glared and shook his head emphatically. I asked if he wanted to pull out and he just looked at me. I said "I assume that's also a no?"

I told him I would take care of it. I think there's some new spermicide dissolving things on the market. It's been 10 years since I even thought about birth control, so I'll have to explore it.

When EH realized the situation he changed his mind.

EH: "Okay, Okay...I'll withdraw subtly"

OW: "I don't want you to withdraw 'subtly'!"

EH: "Would you prefer I pull out with a flourish?"

EH: "Behold! My 'fountain of love'!"

I don't want him to withdraw at all, frankly. I love the feeling of him inside me. I love the after, when I can still feel him. Smell him. Taste him.

This topic just can't go without mentioning the Seinfeld episode. I used to love those damned sponges. And EH is very "sponge-worthy".

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