The Odd Wife

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Odd Queries

casual002Our hits counter has been spinning lately, with a daily average of 106 unique visitors. It's really interesting to see where the visitors come from...

The search engine queries are what really make me blink...

Here are the last 20 search engine queries...with commentary from yours truly.

Yahoo: boynton beach bereavement club...Makes sense, my feature film debut!
MSN Search: odd sex
Yahoo: odd sex
Yahoo: odd sex ....yes, yes. I get it.
Google: bobservations ...looking for a friend of mine?
Google: theoddwife
Yahoo: "the odd wife" ..... all me. Me. Me. Me.
Google: wife did cocaine and cheated....Wait, huh? Wasn't me, buddy. The only blow I do is blow jobs.
Yahoo: theoddwife.blogspot
Yahoo: theoddwife.blogspot ... still me. Someone's looking for me, aren't they?
Yahoo: wife masturbating ... yeah, that could be me.
Google: the odd wife
Yahoo: Abnormal sex + human and enamel fucking ... what??? First of all, enamel fucking? Just because I am assuming someone misspelled 'animal' doesn't make it any less disturbing. Apparently sick, twisted, perverts also can not spell. Won't find that here, pal. Sorry. I'm an animal lover, but not an animal lover.
Google: "boynton beach bereavement club" ...surely this is Hollywood trying to track me down. Stardom is so tedious.
Yahoo: "penis qigong" ...this one cracks me up. I know where it came from and why and it's much more funny not to explain it...
Yahoo: pros and cons dating a guy from the italian mob ...I'm speechless. There are pros?
Yahoo: fondled boss wife panties table ... I did not! (But feel free to email me and tell me all about it).
Google: mens infidelity blog ...Heh. Wrong turn, buddy. Bet I was a disappointment.
Yahoo: fucking your neighbors wife and daughter ...o-kay. Again...I did not! (But feel free to email me and tell me all about it).

Now, for kicks I Google-d myself (That sounds so dirty)...and apparently at a glace, I am getting some really hot action!

But this one...this one is funny...

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