The Odd Wife

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Night Less Floral

9Despite the flowery way I sometimes tend to blog, not every night is wonderful and full of dreamy glances and soft, heated caresses. There are nights, like tonight for example, that are harder.

EH arrived to pick me up late. He knew I was wrapping up some things at work. I got a call from my mother letting me know that my great grandmother, a woman I was close to, was on her death bed. I rushed to print 20 or so photos of me, EH and SG to overnight to her. I didn’t have her current address and her phone was busy for hours. Panicked and moments away from the final UPS pick-up, it finally occurred to me to Reverse Look-up her phone number and voila!, there was her address. With seconds to spare I filled out the shipping slip just as EH walked in. Then a mad rush to the UPS box downstairs with me pushing and growling at EH and SG to make them hurry. My greatest fear was missing that pick-up and her passing away before the photos could arrive.

That over and done, we now had to endure awful, endless gridlock traffic on the way home. Then a gas station stop that required 3 wicked U-Turns to reach and a grocery store trip for restocking. Tired and worn, we trudged through the aisles. Finally we made it home very late and I had to cook dinner. EH was overly tired so I insisted he sit and rest while I worked at dinner. SG was hungry and grouchy and driving me insane.

Some nights are just not as romantic. You’ve had those nights, right?

But even these haggard nights are something I treasure. I know when my own fatigue sets in that I can snuggle close to EH with my head on his shoulder and we can be tired together. It’s less romantic than it is comfortable, but the bliss is in being able to experience both facets in a relationship.

You can’t have the romance around the clock. I’m luckier than most that I get it more often than not, but I’m just as pleased to take the tedium too.

As I write this, EH is showering and dinner is finishing it’s final simmer on the stove. When I said I’d miss showering with him, he offered to wait until later when I could join, but I can see how tired he is and I sent him on his way with instructions to unwind and relax in the steam. I can’t deny that I’d love to be in there with him, running my hands over his soapy skin and feeling him against me. I’d love to be making love to him, kissing him and sliding against him…but I can wait. My husband needs rest now and I am content in knowing that we have a lifetime of opportunities ahead of us to share moments like I’m wishing for. And waiting, while agonizing, will make the next moment even sweeter.

I’m not just the Odd Wife…I’m also the luckiest wife.

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