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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Odd Excuses for Being Late...

2I've been late to work every day this about 10-15 minutes each time. This, in and of itself might not seem odd, but my excuses are.

And the crazy part is that they're 100% true.

Monday, I was late because EH and I ran into the mother of a murderer who just killed a man and was arrested. She started discussing it and we just could not find the heart to say "Sorry, we're late for work". The backstory is that there is a major case in the local media concerning a man murdered by two young men who worked for him. The mother has a daughter who is in SG's class and the two girls have been friendly for several years. They're been to parties at our home and we chat from time to time. We knew she had an older teen son who was a source of much pain and problem to her. She had repeatedly asked for help from the authorities.

Today I was late because the highway was on fire. A large junkyard boardering the highway was apparently burning and we drove through the dark smoke clouds and slow inching traffic.

I wonder what will keep me tomorrow?

Last night was fantastic. I fixed a nice meal and EH, SG and I dined by candlelight. After, EH and I did what two people madly in love will do on Valentine's Day night.

...and we did it really, really well!

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