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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lucy! You got some 'splainin' to do!

15In the past, I've referred to myself as being somewhat of a Lucy Ricardo character. And it's true. More true than is frequently comfortable. I'm not talking about the adorable, funny Lucy - I'm referring to the Lucy who concocts these wild schemes that backfire and hilarity ensues...usually at Lucy's expense.

And, of course, today is a perfect example.

I had also mentioned recently that my 8 year old daughter feels as if she's being picked on a bit at school. Just mild kiddy stuff, but she is very sensitive and often complains that no one likes her...although she can easily name 27 "very best friends in the whole wide world" without thinking.

In an effort to (1) boost her confidence and (2) give her a little romance on Valentine's Day...I hid a card in her backpack from a "Secret Admirer". I wrote in childish writing with my left hand "You are very beautiful and nice".

I had good intentions. Really.

Well...hilarity is in fact ensuing. For starters, SG went nuts over the card. She said it was the greatest day of her life and she's been on cloud 9. Then she enlisted the help of all of her school chums to hunt down the admirer. They subjected half the 3rd grade male population to handwriting analysis in the lunch room recently. Meanwhile, SG is taking much care to dress in the mornings.

Yesterday, she won the weekly free ice-cream drawing...even though she had not put her name in the drawing. She's certain that her secret admirer was behind it. She keeps saying "But, Mom...I don't know anyone with this much passion!"


This morning, a parent-teacher conference with her regular and gifted teachers. Both teachers gushed over her brilliance and marveled at her mind. She has a few minor quirks that most gifted children are prone to...such as trouble focusing. Gifted children like to think outside the box and lectures or memorization bore them. EH and I were both gifted children, so we "get" it. More than half the conference was dedicated to who this admirer could be. A fair amount of time was spent scrutinizing the handwriting. I was fidgeting the entire time because of course I am not going to admit that I did it!

EH just kept giving me the "Ricky Ricardo" look. This has escalated into a full scale investigation with two teachers helping now.

As Lucy would say..."Eeeuuuuuuuugh".

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