The Odd Wife

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, excu-u-u-u-se me...really.

It looked like the right side of the bed when I rolled over, I swear. I have no idea how it happened, but the minute my feet hit the floor I became this snarling, growling, viciously grouchy bitch-beast.

EH is wise to me. He just stays out of my way and ignores me entirely. He escapes with few wounds. SG made the mistake of hitting me with her morning grouchiness right off the bat and got snarled at.

There's no reason for it. I should be fine and instead I am just bitchy today. The weird thing is, I know I'm bitchy and have been apologizing for it upfront all morning. I very nearly called in "mean" today...but, alas, the workload awaits me.

***Update: Just so you know, as if you really care, I've decided not to be grouchy today after all. It's requiring some real effort on my part since it's the end of the month and all my work files are trying to close at once, but I'm giving it some sincere effort.

I hope I've made you proud.


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