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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jessica Marie Lunsford

Breaking stride here again...and I will continue to do so until Jessica is found.

Bloggers, someone has to know where this little girl is. Please, please be watchful.

Jessica should be kissing her Daddy and grandparents goodnight before bed. She should be taking her FCAT exams in school. She should be playing with dolls, watching cartoons, splashing in the tub. She needs to be home. Her family needs her and she needs them.

Jessica needs to come home.

The family is not seeking for an arrest to be made. There is a reward for her return. You can also donate money through to help fund her reward. You can print flyers for Jessica at

Please display a flyer if you are anywhere in the neighboring states or in Florida - or heck, in the United States. Please spread the word. Jessica could be anywhere right now, but where she really needs to be is home.

Please help. Please.

Media coverage:

03/01/05: Hoping for a miracle! Father pleads for return of missing girl on search's 5th day

02/28:05: Weather clears in missing girl search

02/27/05: Atlanta Braves pitcher donates $25,000 to help find missing girl (Ed. Note: Thanks, Mike Hampton)

02/27/05: Teamsters Offer $25,000 Reward
for Information Leading to Safe Return of Jessica Marie Lunsford
(Ed Note: Thanks to The International Brotherhood of Teamsters)

02/25/05: Search for Florida girl to continue Saturday

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