The Odd Wife

Monday, February 28, 2005

It was 9 years ago today...

I was nervous. So was he. It wasn't exactly the way we had imagined. There was no air conditioning working and we were sweating. At one point, I remember reaching over and wiping his brow while we recited vows. His ring barely fit over his giant knuckles and the perspiration helped me to push it over smoothly.

We smiled a lot. We looked into each other's eyes. And when the night was over and we were driving into "happily ever after" I realized we had missed dancing to "our" song. We pulled into a Country-Western bar and paid the $10 cover at the door and asked the DJ to play our wedding song for us while we slow danced in the middle of a floor surrounded by smoke, beer and rednecks. When it ended, we left and went home together.

But he said "I do". And so did I. And after all these years...I still do.

Happy Anniversary, EH. I love you, baby!

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