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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wit, Skynard and a Joke

EH's sharp wit and penchant for odd news stories just earned him Skynard concert tickets on a morning radio show. Super cool. Skynard's okay. I would have preferred the Elvis Costello tix for his concert tomorrow might, but hey - it's still fun!

EH has returned to writing. I am so thrilled about this. I set aside 2 nights per week for him to just write while I make dinner, care for SG and leave him in peace. It seems to be working. He's up to page 77 on his book. I believe in him and I know that if he can just get this finished, it can be published.

And because I am super busy...a joke:

A husband wrote a letter for his wife to find:

To My Dear Wife,
You will surely understand that I have certain needs that you with your 54 years can no longer supply. I am very happy with you and I value you as a good wife.

Therefore after reading this letter, I hope that you will not wrongly interpret the fact that I will be spending the evening with my 18 year old secretary at the Comfort Inn Hotel. Please don't be perturbed - I shall be back home before midnight."

When the man came home, he found the following letter on the dining room table:

"My Dear Husband,
I received your letter and thank you for your honesty. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are also 54 years old. At the same time I would like to inform you that while you read this, I will be at the Hotel Fiesta with Michael my tennis coach, who, like your secretary, is also 18 years old. As a successful businessman and with your excellent knowledge of Math, you will understand that we are in the same situation, although with one small difference. 18 goes into 54 a lot more times than 54 goes into 18.

Therefore, I will not be back before lunchtime tomorrow."

Enjoy your day, guys! XOXOXO!

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