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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What you say when you have nothing to say

Drama has been at a minimum lately and I find myself oddly lacking things to say. Do you really need to hear me tell you how much I love EH again - I still do, of course (lots!) but aren't you well versed in my love by now? And do you really need another post where I describe blow jobs, orgasms and being penetrated six different ways while screaming out for more?


But before I switch gears, what is the deal with the all the girly sex blogs. I know I get a little saucy from time to time myself and don't get me wrong - I enjoy reading them (a lot!), but my question is with the billions of blogs from women who love blow jobs, have lightening quick orgasms with the single flick of a tongue - and apparently multiples. Since we're all led to believe that women loving oral sex are rare ('though I swear I truly do love it) and the female orgasm is elusive and multiple orgasms even MORE elusive...are women writing fiction or have times changed? And, guys - if it's the latter, heads up! Because there are as many guy blogs bitching about the wife hating oral sex and sex in general and something is wrong here. How can ALL the blogger men be married to frigid women and ALL the blogging ladies be sex-crazed, cock-hungry, multiple 'O' pin-up girls? Either the blogger men are doing something wrong or the ladies are exaggerating, right?'s time to do a little matchmaking and pair up blogger boys and girls.

Today for me is a day of just being. Not seeking greatness, remedying hurts or preaching love and fidelity. Just a day to be still and open to the experiences of the day.

For once, I am content.

I have no need to ravenously sexually attack my husband anymore because our sex life is more active and I feel more connected to him.

I feel no need to explore the why's and whatnot's of EH's infidelity last year. It happened. It sucked. It's behind us. And there's enough distance that it no longer hurts like it used to.

I am not embroiled in drama or worry. The things around me are at rest.

I wonder what I will do with all of my extra time? It's really rare to have quiet time. I keep wondering what that is that I feel...contentment? Boredom? Apathy?

I think it's good. It feels more like content.

I read a great post yesterday on another blog on the art of giving the perfect handjob. Maybe I'll make that a goal this month.

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