The Odd Wife

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Darling Daughter...

This week our darling of a daughter turned 9 years old. She quite literally is an immense point of pride for both of us. She reads about 3-4 years above her level, has a buck-50 I.Q., and is doing great in her school’s gifted program where her teachers rave about her. This is not to brag, simply to state that she has come delivered beyond what we had hoped for in her. She possesses intelligence and wisdom, a fair dose of wit, all while being remarkably polite and empathetic with others.

My bride as well, The Odd One, is a right-brain marvel who has shown remarkable capacity to pick up new jobs immediately and she can learn an unknown computer program with facility within an hour, all while being personable and quirky. Even our dog—typical for Labrador retrievers—has an agile mind. He learns tricks in short order and, between commands and names of play toys, has a working vocabulary of near 20 words.

As for me, I set the clock alarm to wake us sometime during the evening news and then this morning it took me 20 minutes to make coffee after I poured the grounds in the water reservoir. I’m beginning to think I’ve been coasting on my looks a bit long and the others are starting to notice.

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