The Odd Wife

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Capping Our Week

Yes, here we sit as the kids run rampant, living their adult dreams. Our little one has spent the bulk of the morning instructing us how she wants to be left to her own. Thus we have been reduced to waging a battle of words while ensconsed in the adult pariah room.

Truthfully this is a welcome respite from the rest of the week. TOW's work load has meant numerous evenings exiting the office hours past quitting time, and then once home we have to tend to our beleaguered landlady, as detailed by my betrothed. The last few days have meant very late dinners and our not having peaceful rest times until well past 10:00. HENCE THE REDUCED SEX LOAD, HONEY!!

Today should be an improvement, if for no other reason than we will be away from home and our rescue obligations. One bit of fortune is that once the kids have had their hours of running we will eventually end up at our friend's home and have a lengthy poker game.

Time for the adults to misbehave a bit.

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