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Saturday, March 12, 2005

LIVE! From Wannado City!

Good morning!

EH and I are cozily ensconced in the Eagles Nest at Wannado City while our daughter and her friend roam the premises. This has to be the COOLEST amusement park idea for children ever...but they do encourage grown-ups to "get lost" and we're not even allowed in half the activities. So...we're figuring on the next 8-12 hours here.

EH is settling into a Yahoo poker game...or trying to. The applet isn't too keen to load this moment. And I'm catching up with you!

The Eagles Nest is on an upper level, central to the park, and we can overlook the surrounding areas. We can also scan our bracelets at any time to locate either of the children. I believe at the moment SG is a polie officer and her playmate is probably scouting the fashion show. Truly, if you have children - this place requires checking out. This is the first one in the country and they are building more.

Our landlady needs a name to be a cast of our characters - so I will call her B. B is still in need of help and, frankly, making us insane. We are just not equipped financially or otherwise to be her caregivers. I worked until after 8 pm last night (and earned a $250 bonus from my boss who just wanted me to know she had 'noticed me'!) and upon heading home, B called needing groceries. My pay day is Tuesday and until then we're on a tight budget. But how do you say no to a starving old woman who was robbed and has no money??? So, to the grocery store we went instead of home...where her measley 10 items rang up to over $60, Everything has to be soy-this or special-that, so even her butter was in the $4+ range. And her carton of cigarettes. Ugh. I'll be making super cheap meals until Tuesday since I just spent OUR grocery money on her.

Then she called again as we were heading to bed. Any shot at sex was out the window when she rang at 10:30 to say she had 'fallen and could not get up'. It sounds terrible, I know...but I have known B for 5 years and she really likes attention. She sometimes does things to force us to spend lots of time with her because she gets lonely.

It's sort of strange to be blogging with EH exactly 4 inches to my left. He keeps leaning over and reading what I write...and now is chuckling at me for writing that!

I'm getting cranky due to lack of sex. Read THAT, honey!!! The chuckle just turned to a smirk.

EH says "So, now you're just going to write everything we say and do?" I told him he just defined a blog. And...oh hell, he's logging into blogger too. It'll be a blog race!!!

Work is great - super, super busy. Two co-workers resigned and were let go on the spot which drastically increased my work load, But the special 'surprise' bonus from my boss rocked!!! My next paycheck will be very nice indeed on top of all my other bonuses. I have a tendency to turn into a workaholic and a gigantic stressful workload actually thrills me. It gives me a chance to shine and excel. And according to my boss, I'm already doing great! Yay! Positive feedback is SUPER rare at my office, so this is just wonderful.

EH has returned to writing. He's dedicated 2 nights a week to his novel (113 pages so far!) and is applying for staff writer positions with magazines, etc. He's actually really talented (don't judge by the blog!) and has a number of published film reviews with a prominent film publication. I KNOW he can be successful - but the opportunities are hard to come by.

We're joining friends for poker tonight. And I'm looking forward to it. We have a rather nicely rounded group and we all enjoy one another.

In all, minus the lack of sex, life is good. We're content, busy, thriving and moving, But I have to admit, the sex thing is PISSING ME OFF. I know it's because we are both busy and exhausted. I have not gotten home before 8 pm even ONE night this past week. And we had to leave bright and early this morning to make it here before the, I do know there's a reason - but I still hate it. Today is ONE WEEK without sex. And yes, I am getting snappish over it.

We're literally stranded here with only computers and board games for the next 12 hours - so there could be a LOT of posts today...

The Odd Wife

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