The Odd Wife

Friday, March 11, 2005

I miss you...

I've noticed a great deal of blog apathy around the web, with many sites I frequent going days without updates. And then I realized my own blog was sitting...

I miss you. I want to talk to you. I'm just BURIED right now. I promise that tomorrow will be full of posts from EH and I.

Just a super quick update - my elderly/disabled landlady/neighbor was robbed blind by her live-in nurse and that nurse's boyfriend. They stole all her cash, credit cards and opened new credit accounts. They abandoned her with no food, money or help and she can't get out of bed. When we found her earlier this week, she hadn't eaten since the day before and was desperate. On top of that, two key employees at my office resigned and were let go on the spot, so my work load just quadrupled.

I'm busy beyond belief and working every night long after I should before rushing home to feed the landlady and clean up her house until she finds more help.

Stretched just a LITTLE thin...I'm nearly ready to give up luxuries like sleeping, eating and using the restroom.

But...through all of this, my attitude is on the up. I feel good. Tired, busy, a little stressed - but good.

And I miss you!

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