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Monday, March 14, 2005


17Do you ever see signs? Little hints from life telling you which way to turn?

I think they're starting to show up all around me.

As you know, EH and I have been longing to move to central Florida, the Orlando area-ish. We have no real solid basis for this decision - we're just tired of South Florida and looking for something more affordable (housing in our area is CRAZY!!! $350,000+ for a small, dumpy house) and something a bit more quiet/suburban.

Yesterday, while watching a Project Greenlight marathon, it occured to us...we know people in Orlando. Friends. Colleagues. People who we need to be close to. Film makers, writers, producer friends. Friends with Emmy Awards. Friends who could guide EH. I did mention EH is a freelance writer - did I also mention he's a film critic?

So, that was a 'duh!' moment. I've already emailed them to let them know we're trying to become neighbors.

And, EH and I are very active in film festivals - and one of the best in Florida is in that area.

Something tells me EH needs to be there to get his career jumpstarted.

We all came down with colds yesterday and spent the entire day lying prone, watching TV and napping. I feel asleep and had an incredibly vivid dream in which EH and I were working on a movie. We both crave this industry and we both want to work in our own capacities...I'm fascinated with the pre-production and production side and EH would be great with something more artistic. I dreamt we were on location, in an RV and setting up the necessary details to make it happen. I woke up knowing EH needs to get to that area soon.

Last night I had great trouble sleeping. At one point I heard a car and jumped to check and saw a car with 4 black young men idling in front of my front door. The front passenger got out and began walking towards my landlady's door and I ran downstairs and grabbed my cell phone - ready for trouble (it WAS 4:45 am!) and they left in a hurry. I wonder what that was about. I could swear I have seen them before...

When I did sleep, I dreamt again. This time of flying. On a broomstick. It felt so wonderful and free and I was showing everyone how I could do it.

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