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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Nods All Around

porchA nod to Jay Loves Kitti for expanding on one of my rants into a post I wholeheartedly agree with. The oversexed female bloggers. I'm not suggesting they're fibbing...okay, maybe I suggested that a little, but come on! I'm infamous for a voracious appetite and high sex drive and even I'm worn out just reading it all! Sex is great, we should ALL discuss it - but there are other topics too!

I got a nod of my own last night. EH was picking me up and ran into the owner of the company I work for. He stopped EH and told him I was doing "gangbusters" and "a GREAT job". On top of the unexpected "special" bonus they gave me last week, I'm feeling pretty good about work!

A nod to my darling EH who feels like crap. He's battling a flu-like thing and has been run down and exhausted and withdrawn. Between that and our crazy schedule we're officially at 1 week and 2 days without sex. Life is hardly worth living, eh sex crazed blog-babes??? I admit, I'm feeling neglected. Just a little.

A nod to my central florida buddies who responded so quick to my email. Turns out their group has officially incorporated and they are busy making films and videos. They were excited to hear we were trying to join their community and apparently had been trying to reach us for months. Unfortunately, I changed up emails, phone numbers and whatnot after EH's dalliance to cut off communications from the overzealous and they had no idea how to find us. It's nice to be back on track.

A nod to the Gods for teasing me with the ridiculous. The live-in nurse that robbed my landlady called her last night. Spoke of suicide attempts, fleeing the state and so forth until my landlady FELT SORRY FOR HER and in the course of urging her to turn herself in ALSO OFFERED TO TESTIFY IN HER DEFENSE. I blasted her for that one. If she is going to defend this slimeball, then what happened must not be so bad and I can stop racing home from work at breakneck speed to take care of her and cook for her and buy her groceries. I'm $159 out in the past 4 days on her groceries alone that I can't really afford...and she's DEFENDING THIS WOMAN? Argh... Tonight I am telling her in no uncertain terms that I will not continue to try to fill in as caregiver if she is going to defend this woman. We're exhausted from the 27 phone calls we get a day. We're broke from her soy butter, soy milk, soy soy. We're tired from the 2 am "I've fallen and I can't get up!" phone calls (Why are you getting out of bed at 2 am? Go to sleep!) We're stressed from racing home to feed her. We're annoyed that we can't leave the house to spend any time together because she 'needs us nearby'. Ack! Ack! Argh! #%@&%^!*^&%$^%*!())!*~!!!! And your little dog too!

A nod to M who looks a bit perkier today. Dumbass is out of town, which could explain the cheerier disposition.

A nod to Dumbass himself who is about to turn 50 in the next 2 weeks and will officially be as old as my parents. I love reminding him of that. "You could be my father!" LOL.

A nod to SG who continues to be the cutest, smartest child ever.

A nod to me...I went low-carb again today. I've had no caffeine. I can't promise there won't be a hostage situation near the soda machine, but I'm really trying.

...and of course a nod to you, just because you're here and reading!

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