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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where the Heart is

With my work schedule reaching new levels of hectic and my job responsibilities quadrupling by the day, I find myself thinking about the things I really want to do.

The last few weekends have been a hectic mix of “have to” and “should do” for us. One day typically spent on something for SG – like Wannado City, the zoo, Easter, etc and one day fulfilling obligations – either social, work or holiday preparations.

A whirlwind pace, to be sure.

What I really want is stillness. Quiet. Peace. I want an afternoon spent tidying up the house and watching stupid movies. I want to plop on the couch beside EH and laugh over something. I want to cuddle up beside him and put my head on his shoulder and feel him breathe. I want to wake up side by side to the sounds of birds, not the alarm clock. I want to nap. I want to stretch.

When SG was a baby, money was even more scarce than it is now. EH and I had no hopes of a vacation. I remember a few weekends where we invented our own vacation.

We went to the local farmers produce stand and stocked up on exotic and juicy fruits. We grabbed some groceries and headed home where we mixed up fruity daiquiris, slathered on coconut lotion and went to the apartment pool to sunbathe to the sounds of steel drums. We pretended we were on some island. When the sun set, we’d head for our tiny apartment and try out some Caribbean recipe together in the kitchen. Those are still my favorite memories.

I’ve never needed elaborate, expensive vacations. Only EH.

That’s how I would like to spend my weekend this weekend. Maybe we’ll have a picnic in the park down the street and later, come home and turn the lights down low and pour some martinis – let EH light up a cigar and play the velvet voice of Sinatra while we cuddle close and talk about our dreams. Maybe we’ll clear the living room, rent a funny family movie and spread a blanket and some pillows and have a picnic in the living room while laughing together. Perhaps we’ll revisit our tropical roots by strolling the beach, lounging on the sand, snorkeling and having a cookout there before coming home to rub aloe on our sun reddened skin.

Whatever it is, I’m counting down the minutes. I already have everything I need. He’s 6’6, 225 lbs with aqua green eyes and dark hair. He has a killer smile and when he puts his arms around me it doesn’t matter where we are…I’m in heaven.

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