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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just Wednesday...

dollWork remains crazy. Last night I left almost on time and was shocked to discover there was daylight outside still. I went home and painted while watching TV and cuddling sporadically with EH. Perfect. Peaceful. I had forgotten how much I love to paint. I'm not good, it just relaxes me to play. I think it's funny to paint pictures and frame them and hang them up. I don't care how awful they are, I still take pride in my "art".

Going to sleep, snuggled close, EH whispering to me how much he loves me and how happy he is to be with me. Lovely.

My dad is calling an emergency family meeting next week when he returns from a weekend getaway. I freaked him out by telling him about 3 psychic predictions I had heard about (the first being the December tsunami, the 2nd being the earthquake on Monday) and he wants to put 'just-in-case' plans into motion because the 3rd prediction is for the volcanic eruption of the Canary Islands volcano which should trigger the largest tsunami ever to wipe out Florida. A little alarmist, but he wants to protect everyone. I think the menfolk are having visions of being Armageddon-esque heroes.

It's Hump Day and with a little luck, I'll manage to celebrate it properly tonight.

A few world observations for you...

A Czech prisoner locked up on theft charges has been freed and allowed to go back home to his wife after getting a permanent it wrong that I find this sexy???

Billy shaves his testicles (actual headline, I swear) - this just makes him sexier at fifty!!!

A Shanghai online game player stabbed to death a competitor who sold his cyber-sword, the China Daily said Wednesday, creating a dilemma in China where no law exists for the ownership of virtual weapons...people need new hobbies. Here's a hint - if you can't make your REAL world work, don't expect to escape into cyber-existance.

Four male models who appeared in an ad campaign against domestic violence are suing New York City, saying the posters stayed up beyond the agreed time, leading people to think they really were wife beaters...I swear, I saw this on an episode of Friends with Joey posing for a VD ad entitled "What Mario isn't telling you".

Many Americans are so sleepy that they are having problems in their marriages, making mistakes at work and even going without sex, according to a report released on Tuesday...I am officially reducing my bedtime to 8 pm and taking naps daily.

---and with that, off to work!

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