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Friday, April 01, 2005


Guilt has gotten the better of me. I'm such a wimp. Instead of revelling in the success of my little fib, I'm racked with guilt and feeling awful. I have to set the record straight right now so I can get on with my day.

The TGIF post was my April Fool's Day joke. I totally expected an outpouring of "No way!" instead of all this wonderful support and love. The emails were as loving as the comments and I honestly couldn't stand it anymore.

If I disappointed you, sorry. EH and I will not be starring in our own reality series anytime soon. I actually did get one email several weeks back suggesting some sort of article, but it wanted quite a bit of personal information to discuss it and I already have a stalker, so one more wasn't needed. It was deleted.

The busy work stuff was true. I'm swamped, but boistered by tremendous support and appreciation from my co-workers and boss/bosses/supervisors. The outfit description I am wearing today was accurate, minus the labels. I am wearing Ferragamo pumps, but I've owned them for years. The outfit's still super cute, but it's Merona, not DKNY. I'm too much of a bargain shopper to shell out for a label unless I discover it 'like new' in a bargain sale. Even when I have the cash, I'm less fashionable than a treasure hunter. My Ferragamo pumps came with original $300+ price tag in a little consignment shop for $9.95. I adore them 10x more because I 'discovered' them.

Don't be mad. We're still poor. :) But we're still in love! EH keeps beaming at me and saying proudly, "My wife!" as if re-confirming it. I don't know what that's all about, but it's working wonders on me.

The breast cancer post below is NOT a joke of any kind and I would deeply appreciate it if you would contribute by commenting there and spreading the word.


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