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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lost Mojo! Reward if Found!

aIn The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin Powers chases Dr. Evil to reaquire his stolen mojo. Towards the end, Felicity Shagwell, comforts Austin by telling him he had it all along.

I've lost my mojo too. Maybe it's the heart medication. Maybe it's stress. Maybe it's working too hard.

I understand that it's within me. I'm just trying to find a way to release it again. My brain says yes!. My body says sure! But the two are not connecting, thus...problem.

I can. I will. But right now, I'm not enjoying. WTF? There is no sensation. Flick a tongue over a tightly erect nipple and my brain says Woohoo! and my body says Ho hum...(yawn)

Regular readers, you know I am nothing short of sex-crazy. So now imagine me minus the's amazing I haven't freaked out more than this commentary of concern.

There's more weird stuff afoot than just a lost mojo...last night, something odd happened.

In the kitchen, puttering about with EH, I made a remark and he lightly smacked my ass. I asked him to do it again and harder and he did (reluctantly!). I asked for him to do it harder and again, he did. We've never been spankers. EH deplores even simulated violence against the woman he loves and it's never made sense to me...but...

That sting. The sharp crack of his hand against my skin. I fucking loved it. I wanted more. I wanted him to do it until he left furious red marks. I wanted that pain. I wanted to feel that sting again and again. I wanted all his strength behind it. I wanted it to hurt. What was that??? I don't understand it myself. EH will go along if I want it - but he'll never really enjoy it. He's just more interested in pleasing me than depriving me. On the other hand, I am seriously baffled by my own reaction to it. Where did that come from???

I miss being a sex-starved slut. I miss ravaging my husband. I miss him laughingly trying to fend me off. So, if you've seen my mojo lying about, will you please send it to me? I miss it.

I mentioned to EH that perhaps I should look into a libido increasing medication and he turned pale.

"You??? Honey, that scares me..."


"Just give me some warning, okay?"

"What? What do you mean?"

" - a few days to rest up, bulk up on vitamins, Powerade drinks, etc..."


"Babe, it'd be like taking a Ferrari off the blocks..."

I liked that. I want to be that girl again.

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