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Monday, April 11, 2005


6It's a true Monday. Complete with musings of the past weekend, hectic work schedule and the tinge of sunburn making the waist of my pants sting a bit.

I finally managed to get to the beach Saturday morning, though EH did his best to cling to sleep. The air was warm with a tropical breeze, the water was crystal clear and the sand was silky soft. It was lovely.

Saturday night was an illicit rendezvous with a dear friend in need of a favor. Not as tawdry as I made it sound, and EH knows the scoop. Interesting anyway. Dear friend was a perfect gentlemen, despite staring down my cleavage whenever he thought I wasn't looking, and after a few drinks, even when I was looking. It doesn't bother me. I know I have breasts. I rather like them. I display them in low cut or snug fitted tops and flattering bras or corsets. Look away, boys!

Later that night, I worked on getting my mojo back with EH. Not a total victory, but a definite improvement.

Sunday found us doing a bit of housework. I cut EH's hair. Shampooed, massaged the scalp, rinse, cut and style into the look I call "aging rock star". For the rest of the day, I just marveled in what a super-sexy husband I have.

Closer to good.

Next week, I take a major step in moving forward. I restore DSL connection to our home. It's become necessary due to work and many, many, MANY other opportunities that are presenting themselves to me - but I can't deny I feel a bit of fear. I'm looking at it as an opportunity in itself. I'm a smart girl...if EH misbehaves this time then he can pack up and leave. Second chances are worth considering, but a third chance...? Forget it.

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